Tied to the Cross and Helpless!

Oh no! I’m tied to the cross and completely helpless!! My pretty red dress has been removed! I hope no one will take advantage of me!

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  1. sweet Natalia is all tied up and looking so hot!!! 🙂 what’s a horny guy to do??? love how sexy you look in this one 🙂

  2. NICE!! Natalia Forrest is oh so lovely being all stretched out on the X cross. Would really like to see a little teasing / pleasing with a Lovely Dark haired Mistress caressing Natalia’s gorgeous body and possibly torturing her perky erect nipples. Suction tubes for some cupping action play CUMS to mind along with a wartenberg wheel as well as a violet wand. Would really love to see Natalia’s perfect nipples adorned with some rings or castration bands that would make her nipples stick out even more. ~E

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