VIDEO: Sybian Slave Girl part 1

You put me in chains and force me to go on the sybian? Again? I already came four times and you want more? I’m your slave, so I will do what you want. It’s not easy for me, please be gentle!

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  1. I loved this video 🙂 just love seeing you naked and hearing your sweet voice in these videos, so please always talk in the videos 🙂 loved watching you cum, and you know I wish I could lick your pussy to make it feel all better after all that vibration 🙂 you’re so beautiful, and oh so special 🙂

  2. Awesome video Natalia you are one amazing girl. Thanks

  3. wow, such a wonderful sight with a gorgeous models and beautiful breasts. would like to recommend Natalia Forrest experience the use of castration bands upon her erect and perky nipples. specifically stretch the green elastic castration bands and apply them to the nipples and follow up with clear plastic suction tubes to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and to heighten the erotic experience of the Natalia. another suggestion would be to apply black or white opaque contacts lenses over your eyes for some sensory deprivation play to prevent Natalia from actually seeing what is about to happen. overall a GREAT SITE and would love to see some more models with erect perky and hardened nipples. Would also LOVE to see Natalia Forrest PIERCE her perfectly formed erect and hardened perky nipples for some visual eye candy for your fans

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